Providing strong representation to you in your divorce, or other family law proceedings is of paramount importance to this office. Strong representation includes not only fighting hard for clients, but also being available to discuss their issues, understanding their concerns, and creating an individualized approach for successful litigation and negotiations. Only after understanding your goals and developing a thorough litigation strategy can this office begin to fight hard for you.

There are many aspects of your divorce or family law case that may develop.

Divorce: Divorces in New York are heard in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. They are plenary actions, meaning they deal with all aspects of monetary issues as well as custody and visitation. These issues include child support, maintenance or alimony, equitable distribution, custody of children, and visitation for the non-custodial parent. This office is prepared to fight for all of your rights in a divorce action.

Child Support: Child support can be awarded in a divorce action or in a special proceeding in Family Court, called a Support Proceeding. The parties need not have been married for the court to award support. Child support can raise issues regarding imputed income, a change in circumstance, losing a job, getting a promotion or bonus, and hidden income or an all cash business. This office brings our wide spectrum of legal knowledge together to sift through these issues and fight for our clients.

Maintenance/Alimony: Maintenance, sometimes called alimony, is an issue in divorce actions. In awarding maintenance, the court will consider many factors including the relative earning capability of the parties, the length of the marriage, and tax consequences to the parties. In some cases there may be issues relating to proving income, such as an all cash businesses, delayed compensation, or retirement accounts. This office works with its clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to tackle issues of maintenance.

Custody/Visitation: Probably the most important aspect of any divorce case is access to the parties’ children. Child custody and visitation is heard as part of a divorce case, and can also be heard in a special proceeding in Family Court. Every family’s situation and needs are different. At this office, you can voice your goals and concerns for your family. We can then work together to develop a strategy to bring your goals to fruition.

Pendente Lite: Divorce actions are lengthy. They can take years. When you can’t wait that long for child support, maintenance, or to see your children, a motion for pendente lite relief can be made to the court. This office can help you every step of the way to fight for your rights.

Prenuptial Agreements: Many people want to avoid the possibility of prolonged and acrimonious fights in the event of a divorce. This office can help you draft a prenuptial agreement to protect your rights and limit the fighting in the event of a divorce. Remember, just because you have a prenuptial agreement does not mean that you will ever have to use it. But, if the need does arise, you will be glad you have it.