This office fights hard for our clients. When business disputes arise, there is often a limited amount of money to be split or salvaged. This office will work with you to develop a litigation strategy that will be most efficient to preserve as much money as possible for you.

Foreclosure Defense: There are many reasons why you may be facing foreclosure. However, one common theme is financial distress due to a temporary set back. This office will meet with you and discuss your particular situation and goals for the future. You may be interested in a mortgage modification, a short sale, or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. After determining your goals, this office will develop a strategy to maximize the equity available to you.

Business Disputes and Dissolution: The variety of business related disputes are too numerous to list. At this office we can discuss your particular situation in depth and what your goals are. This office will draw on its wide array of legal expertise to develop a plan to maximize your financial benefit.

Property Disputes: Sometimes property disputes arise between neighbors over a property line or a shared driveway. Sometimes they develop over the purchase or sale of a house. Other times, the validity of a deed is questioned. This office is prepared to fight for you, whatever your situation is.

Arbitration Award Confirmation/Vacatur: Under article 75 of New York’s Civil Practice Laws and Rules, parties can agree to waive their right to go to court and agree to arbitrate instead. Problems often arise when one tries to collect on such an award, or if the arbitrator overstepped his or her authority. This office can bring an appropriate proceeding to fight for your rights after arbitration.